The first solution for controlling social distancing on workplaces

BeSafe is a wearable individual device that helps in keeping the safety distance. When is not respected the appliance emits a warning signal to inform the user.

A cloud-based software allows security officers to control the regard for the anti-infection measures. In case of Covid-19 positive subject is possible to create a map for identifying possible infections.

The medical emergency created by the pandemic makes is necessary to apply appropriate security measures to guarantee the safety of all employees.

Why KometeBeSafe

Helps the workers in keeping the minimum distance needed through an alarm signal.

Helps in controlling the observance of the regulations thanks to statistical displayed in a dashboard.

Increase the security measures for every employee creating a safe working enviroment.

Maps anonymously any close contact. In case of Covid-19 positive subjects is possible to track their contacts.

Features included


    Thanks to an accelerometer the device will send you an alarm message or call when sudden movements are detected.

    Alarm triggers and procedures can be fully customized according to your needs.


    Workers that are in situations of danger or need may press a button to send request to security managers.

    Thanks to a GPS module the message may also include exact positioning of the endangered worker.


    Thanks to a BLE module the device can act as a Bluetooth beacon and trigger a notice or alarm procedure whenether the worker accesses a restricted indoor area.

    The same functionality may be implemented for access control.


    Thanks to a SIM module the device can call up to 12 preconfigured numbers for any need.

    At the same time you can call the device from any phone (or device).


    Thanks to the GPS the device can trigger a notice or alarm procedure whenether the worker accesses or exits a defined outdoor area.

    Areas can by set by the managers manually or defined as a radius around a device.


    Worker getting close to dangerous material or machinery gets a sound or vibration alarm.

    At the same time the manager may receive a notification regarding the potentially dangerous situation. 








  • Social Distancing

    The individual device recognizes others nearby. In case of workers getting too close it emits an alarm signal.

  • Supervision

    It is possible to monitor the anti- infection measures’ observance thanks to general statistics. These are visible in a dashboard.

  • Tracking

    In case of a Covid-19 positive subject it is possible to track if he got close to others in the previous 14 days.

  • Employee List

    All the devices can be visible in a list to check their status: active or inactive.

  • Assistance

    Phone assistance is offered to support the software and device usage.

  1. Social Distancing

  2. Supervision

  3. Tracking

  4. Employee List

  5. Assistance

Software Configuration

The alarm mode and minimum safety distance can be customized given the company’s needs during the set up.

Hand the device to the worker

Each worker has an individual device. It can be wore around the neck or in a pocket near the torso.

Warning Alarm

When two workers come too physically close the device emits an alarm signal.

Statistic Control

Statistical and historical data are saved in our software in cloud , guaranteeing the workers’ anonymity.

Our devices can also be used  after the Covid- 19 pandemic with the following functionalities:

Receive calls , transmits GPS coordinates, also in case of emergency Man down functionality, trace devices that are not moving, customizable buttons to call, pre-configured numbers

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